About Us

An entity ambitiously envisioned to inspire all to be studious till the end of everyones life of voyage by supporting in studies and travels to attain wisdom and success. By being dynamic each one experiences bless and bliss in the journey and Stargate Links provides support to fulfill the dreams to blossom the talents of everyone to the optimum.

Our Vision

Destined to link Academic excellence with exoploratory traversing through known and unknown lands, understanding and assimilating diverse culture and ideas to enrich the genomic traits that transforms the human race transcending the barriers of localisation and cognitive compartmentalization.


Our Mission

Train and coach the young minds to attain par excellence of skills and aptitute to fulfill their dreams


Provide all kind of support to scholars,explorers and adventurers for travelling across the globe.

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Stargate Academy & Career Solutions

The parrallel academy with unparalleled missions to train and equip the educated young minds to become productive members of society. The scholastic endeavour to upgrade the communicative skill and language proficiency of explorers of the world to make life easy, smooth and flourishing. To further the competetive spirit in the challenging world, It provides coaching to enhance the analytical acumen and comprehending proficiency to make job aspirants successful in their resolute missions. This institute remains to be an ultimate destination by inculcating skills and dynamism that groomed with values and wisdom so that each and every scholar run on a meaningful life track to become a star.

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Stargate Skylinks

Everything in this world is mobile and this mobility gives things mass and space. Humans are super travellers claiming space and spectra to their advantage. The genes mutate & evolve into a super human by this constant mobility & stargate skylinks support travellers to explore this world and enrich their geneology. Boundaries and barriers are dissolved when the zelous explorers wish to experience joy lands of their choice. Stargate is opened to link skies and there is no end to your dreamy world where to one can migrate or traverse.